Siesta key crush: should kelsey give carson a chance?

Alex and Juliette are back together for the 47th time, so it only makes sense for Garrett and Kelsey to rekindle their Siesta Key flame… right?

The thing is, for a relationship to work, both parties need to be on the same page (obvi). And in Kelsett’s case, it’s not really happening. While Kelsey is ready to have more “private talks” with her ex, Garrett isn’t so sure he can trust her. (You might remember this whole situation.)

Meanwhile, Brandon‘s buddy Carson is all about the runway model. He even told BG his goal of getting “out of the friend zone and into the end one” with Kels — because football metaphors are so romantic. But sadly, it seems the Siesta Key newbie might have lost his chance, seeing as he skipped Garrett’s Blaze of Hope charity auction to help Brandon (unsuccessfully) win back Madisson. Had the blond hunk been there (with his shirt half unbuttoned, no less), he might have been able to distract a jealous Kels from totally c**k blocking her ex.

Can’t blame a guy for trying though, as BG’s boy still opted to put his heart on the line during his mini-golf date with Kelsey.

“I feel like every time we’re together we have such a great time, and I hope maybe we can keep this going and do something more formal,” he told his crush. “I don’t know where you’re at, but I know that I want more with you.”

Cue Kelsey’s face, which immediately said it all…

…but just in case that didn’t send the message loud and clear: “Like, I care about you a lot and I do I love how we are in our relationship, being able to talk to each other and laugh and have fun,” she said, trying to soften the blow. “But I just don’t know where my heart’s at.”

Oh, Kelsey. That’s a lie, and you know it. Your heart is with Garrett, and it always has been — minus that short time you were with Alex.

Should Kelsey move on from her ex once and for all and give Carson a shot? Or should she continue to canoodle with Garrett in the hopes he has a change of heart? Give us your thoughts, and see what’s next for Kelsett this Monday at 10e/7p!