Siesta key couple: why juliette and alex decided to make it official

Romances are shifting in Siesta Key — but one couple is back to their amorous ways.

During this week’s episode, Juliette opened up to Alex about her desire to be in an exclusive relationship. And fortunately for the FSU student, the aspiring lawyer was on the same page.

“Everything that’s been going on recently with my jaw and school, it’s been a lot for me to handle,” Alex stated. “It also made me realize what’s important in life and what I care about most. And you happen to be one of them. I’m 100% committed.”

From there, he insisted he would kick his player tendencies to the curb and believed she was “making the right move.” They sealed their new status with a kiss — and proceeded to clean his boat together (it was her “first girlfriend job.”)

But back to the convo about only being with each other: Juliette opened up to MTV News about the lovebirds’ choice.

“We decided to make it official because we wanted to be together all the time, and we were always calling each other,” Juliette revealed. “We got really comfortable again, and we kind of just said, ‘We’re not going to play this game anymore. We’re together, we want to be together and no more blurred lines.’ It was a mutual agreement.”

And how is Alex as a one-woman man?

“He is good at being in a relationship. He’s very sweet and caring toward that one person,” Juliette gushed. “And it really is just about them. His heart is with that one person.”

Will they be able to remain boyfriend and girlfriend? Don’t miss the Siesta sweethearts every Monday at 10e/7p.