Siesta key serenade: how brandon wrote his love song for madisson

Bradisson has had one hell of a Siesta Key season: They exchanged perfect “I love yous,” then Brandon cheated on Madisson (and broke her heart) — and now, their future is as uncertain as ever. But BG has a plan to win Madisson back, and during this week’s episode, he told Carson he’d attempt to do it through music.

“The only thing I can do is do what I’m naturally talented at and write a song,” he stated. “It’s the only thing I really know how to do right now.”

Before we see him hit the stage and perform said number on the upcoming finale, Brandon opened up to MTV News about how the tune came to be.

“Thoughts were racing through my mind,” he revealed. “She didn’t answer any of my phone calls, so I went back to my music, and I found this beat that I really liked. And when I heard it, the first thing I thought of was Madisson. It took me a while [to write] — one full day — because it isn’t a normal song. It was a song that had to speak potency and depth, and it had some strong lyrics.”

How will Madisson react to his work, and will it help bring the two back to the way they were? See how it all unfolds this Monday at 10e/6p.