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The Challenge: Final Reckoning

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The Challenge: Final Reckoning




    Jozea would claim that on Big Brother, Da’Vonne orchestrated his eviction from the game because of a miscommunication, when he actually wanted her to get to the end. However, Da’Vonne insists that she was protecting herself by striking first. Either way, both of them are outspoken, loud and manipulative, and will somehow have to figure out how to bury the hatchet if they’re gonna survive this brutal and unpredictable game.
    These Are You The One alums met while filming Are You The One: Second Chances and came onto The Challenge: Dirty 30 as a couple, attached at the hip. Tori was a strong competitor out of the gate and made it her mission to not only win, but to do it alongside her boyfriend. However, following Derrick’s early exit after an embarrassing elimination, Tori cheated on him with Challenge champ Jordan. Derrick was left both heartbroken and angry, leaving them both on bad terms.
    Housemates on Big Brother 18, Natalie didn’t like Paulie’s gameplay – he flirted with girls to get their vote. She went on a one-woman campaign to get him evicted. When he got wind of what she was doing, he lashed out, calling her every name in the book. Paulie has no regrets about his comments and they’ve done nothing but bad-mouth each other ever since.
    Sylvia and Joss were initially good friends during his rookie season, The Challenge: Vendettas. That bit Sylvia in the butt when Joss voted her into elimination, leaving her shocked and heartbroken. Sylvia won the elimination, but was sent home due to an illness and she and Joss have yet to bury the hatchet.
    Britni and Chuck got hot and heavy on Are You The One? season 3. They were a confirmed “no match” but stuck together and even dated after the show. Britni moved to Hawaii to be with Chuck, but the pair broke up right before Britni left to compete on The Challenge: Vendettas, her second Challenge season. The two have been on bad terms since – will their anger propel them to work together as a competitive pairing?
    Amanda and Zach were on opposite teams during their first meeting on The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions. When Amanda spread rumors of Zach’s ex-girlfriend and fellow Challenger, Jenna, hooking up with Bruno, Amanda and Zach immediately became enemies. Having never been aligned or on the same team, will they be able to start fresh and work cohesively?
    Challenge Veterans, CT and Veronica, have competed on their fair share of seasons together. Reuniting on The Challenge: Dirty 30, the pair consistently argued with one another. When CT was given the opportunity, he sent Veronica into elimination, claiming that no one wanted to be on a team with her. After returning from elimination, Veronica earned her revenge by sending CT straight to the Redemption House. Will these two Vets be able to put their differences aside and claim another Challenge victory?
    On Ex on the Beach, Angela and Faith got into a huge fight when Faith went on a date with Angela’s man and things got steamy. Faith claims Angela’s man liked her, but Angela thinks Faith violated girl code, an unforgivable sin. Somehow these two will have to leave the past in the past if they’re going to work together, but it will be hard to do when resentment and distrust run deep.
    Kailah and Kayleigh first competed against each other on The Challenge: Vendettas. Their problems started when rumors flew of Kayleigh and Bananas hooking up. Kailah, in support of her friend and scorned-Bananas-lover Natalie, got together with Britni and Jemmye to throw all of Kayleigh’s belongings over a balcony. Feeling alienated and bullied, Kayleigh decided to quit the game. But their beef continued on Twitter, where they exchanged insults, calling each other weak, delusional, and liars.
    Challenge Rookies, Kam and Melissa competed on their first season together on The Challenge: Vendettas. While Melissa went around the house flirting with a number of people, Kam with her alliance actively plotted against Melissa. After a drunken night out, Kam lashed out at Melissa, leading to a heated argument, which almost became physical. Will the pair be able to put Vendettas behind them and work as a unit?
    Loudmouth Jemmye and bubbly Jenna were never on one another’s radar, until Jemmye pulled the Double Cross and sent Jenna into elimination against her best friend, Kailah on The Challenge: Dirty 30. Jenna was blindsided by Jemmye’s iconic Challenge backstab that sent her to the Redemption House. Will their contrasting personalities be able to mesh together and lead to a vet win?
    These two have been at each other’s throats for years, starting on The Challenge: Dirty 30 when Marie actively campaigned against Cara Maria, seeing her as one of her biggest threats. On The Challenge: Vendettas, they tried but failed to work together, and things didn’t improve when Cara Maria also stole Kyle away from Marie. Not content to keep it on the show, they continued their bitter rivalry on Twitter, where they traded jabs continuously. Now these two mortal enemies are going to have to figure out how to work together, but don’t expect it to be smooth.

    Shane and Nelson competed alongside one another as Underdogs on The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions. Shane made backdoor deals with numerous people on his team and when Nelson caught wind of it, he lashed out at him. Will their history of anger be kicked to the curb to earn each of them their first Challenge win?


    Kyle and Brad met for the first time on The Challenge: Vendettas. The Wild Brit and Challenge Papa were never aligned together, and when Brad utilized his grenade against Kyle, forcing him to sit out of a challenge, Kyle declared that Brad would always be his biggest vendetta. Will these hotheads be able to put their past behind them and work harmoniously together?


First, Dirty 30 sparked the chaos, then Vendettas burned everything to the ground, now Final Reckoning will mould the ashes into a new Challenge. This is it. The third chapter to end the epic trilogy saga that pushes our competitors to face the consequences of their actions. All of their recent betrayals, backstabs and wrongdoings will come to head and they must find a way to work together with their biggest vendetta of all! Will they be able to put aside their issues and settle their scores to take home the crown and win $1 MILLION?