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  • LEAH MESSER Cast Member
    Despite her best efforts to raise her twins, Ali and Aleeah Grace, that she had with her ex, Corey, and her daughter, Adalyn, that she had with her new husband, Jeremy, Leah is constantly being knocked down. Between Corey’s claims of her being an unfit mother, and Jeremy being away most of the week working, Leah struggles to maintain a stress-free lifestyle for her kids without much help. With Corey’s recent filing for full custody of the twins, and her marriage with Jeremy on a downward spiral, Leah’s future seems completely uncertain.
  • KAILYN LOWRY Cast Member
    Kailyn was used to her ex, Jo, living in New Jersey and making the drive to see their son Isaac on the weekends. But now, Jo is considering a move to Delaware and also wants to start a family with his girlfriend, Vee, causing Kailyn to worry about how all of this will affect Isaac. On top of that, she and Javi are at each other’s throats with serious trust issues and explosive arguments. With school, motherhood, and marriage troubles occurring all at once, Kailyn has more on her plate than ever before.
  • JENELLE EVANS Cast Member
    Following the birth of her second baby, Kaiser, and moving in with her boyfriend, Nathan, Jenelle finally has stability in her life. Now that she’s in a place to get custody of Jace back, Jenelle plans to fight her mom, but Barbara is having trouble letting go. And even though she wants to spend the rest of her life with Nathan, that life turns out to be a lot less stable than she hoped.
  • CHELSEA HOUSKA Cast Member
    Things are looking up for Chelsea, now that she’s dating her new dreamy boyfriend, Cole. He’s great with Aubree and good to Chelsea, but she knows she’ll never have Adam out of her life. When she finds out that he’s filed for 50-50 custody of Aubree, she decides to team up with Adam’s ex, Taylor (who’s going through the same battle) to keep the life she’s worked so hard for.
  • BRIANA DEJESUS Cast Member
    Last time we saw hardworking Briana on Teen Mom 3 she lived in Orlando with her daughter, Nova, her strong-willed mother, Roxanne, and her opinionated sister, Brittany. The three women struggled with Nova’s father, DeVoin, who wasn’t stepping up to the plate the way that Briana had hoped. Years later, twenty-two year-old Briana is now holding down a full-time job while raising Nova and trying to co-parent with DeVoin, who doesn’t see his daughter as much as Briana would like. But after getting pregnant from a one-month fling, Briana is forced to juggle work, young motherhood, unexpected pregnancy and a co parenting relationship with not only DeVoin, but also the new baby’s father, Luis. And she’ll need her family’s support now more than ever.


Jenelle, Chelsea, Kailyn, and Leah are four young women navigating complicated lives. It’s not always easy being a young mom.