Should jonna have bucked up and volunteered for the arena?

We’ve been looking forward to seeing Zach beast out in The Arena since “Battle Of The Seasons” kicked off, and tonight, we finally got our chance. But Hall Brawl didn’t quite go the way San Diego had expected, and CJ made an absolute mockery of the hulking brute, who, on paper, should have won without breaking a sweat. What seemed like a sure thing from the get-go suddenly looked grim for Team Blue, and were it not for Sam’s easy wins over Jasmine–and a final tie-breaking round, in which Zach finally got himself together–San Diego would have been saying so long to Turkey. So if CJ had gotten his way, and Jonna stepped up to the plate instead, could Cancun have eliminated San Diego?

After second-time Power Team Brooklyn threw Cancun to the wolves, CJ volunteered to go in, and was confident that with Jonna as his partner there would be no stopping them. Jonna wasn’t so keen on the idea, though, and pleaded her case to stay, citing mounting financial issues, a breakup that left her with nearly none of her material things and a promising relationship with Zach. It was Jonna’s former “Rivals” partner, Jasmine, that ultimately sacrificed her standing for the team. “At the point where Jonna is now, I’m her sister,” Jasmine said. “I’m here to help her.” Sadly, it was Jasmine’s selflessness that led to her undoing, and she was sent home.

Could Jonna have changed the outcome of the game, and should she have stepped up? Tell us what you think in the comments below!