Should frankie and ludwin make it official? The “heights” gang are split [sneak peek]

Boys vs. girls: a rivalry older than time itself. Sure, the opposite sex can agree on some things, but how to approach relationships is not usually one of them. (Mars, Venus, blah blah blah.) In this “Washington Heights” sneak peekJPReyna and Taylor sit down to chat about where they think Frankie and Ludwin (Frudwin? Lankie? We’ll work on that) are headed now that they’ve finally hooked up.

“Do you think Ludwin and Frankie should be together?” Taylor asks her friends, to which JP (the guy who’s made out with every girl in the group, BTW) replies without hesitation, “No!” When the girls are surprised by his lack of support, he explains that Ludwin is a free spirit who literally just broke free from the claws of a major Debbie Diana Downer, and he thinks the two of them should ride the friends-with-benefits train as long as possible. The girls disagree. “[Women] can only take so much,” Reyna says of casual relationship stalemates. Could this impasse be foreshadowing a future Frankie and Ludwin fallout?

Check out the clip, and tune in to an all-new “Washington Heights” Wednesday at 10e/p.