Should ‘awkward”s matty accept a spot at berkeley and risk losing jenna?

An athletic scholarship to a Division I university might be a no-brainer for most young athletes, but sadly, Matty McKibben’s heart isn’t as easy a sell.

During last night’s “Awkwardepisode, the Palos Hills High School soccer standout got word that one of Berkeley’s top recruits had shattered his ankle, opening up the roster to one more freshman. Naturally, Matty, who’d been working his ass off on the field, felt immediately inclined to accept…until, of course, Jenna Hamilton unknowingly paralyzed his trigger finger.

Just a short time ago, Jenna, who’s set for college in Maine, realized her feelings for her back-and-forth boyfriend of three years were ultimately too strong to forfeit. And Matty, who picked up on Jenna’s resurfaced sentiments, recognized that his affection for Jenna hadn’t completely subsided, either. And so, though he insisted to Jake that Berkeley was a 90% done deal, he wondered if a Division III opportunity in Maine-adjacent New Hampshire might be a better fit, if something more important might be on the horizon.

But when the time came for Jenna to share her new epiphany with Matty over dinner, she realized she couldn’t be the reason her dream man sold himself short or cheated himself out of an opportunity. And Matty gave her many chances to cosign his potential move to New Hampshire, but she wouldn’t budge and insisted — against her own desires — that he accept the offer in California. By the time their meal was over, Jenna hadn’t explicitly said she loved Matty, but he still seemed keenly aware that she’d opened a door for a split second and was surprised by how crushed he was that she’d chosen to slam it shut just as quickly.

Now, all signs seem to point directly to the University of California system, but there’s no denying The Granite State is calling Matty’s name. True, Jenna made her stance (or what she convinced herself was her stance) abundantly clear, but they say true love knows no bounds, and until Matty verbally commits to Berkeley, he’s got no obligations.

What do you think — should Matty listen to Jenna, cut his losses and proceed to what will surely be an invaluable college experience? Or would enrollment not be worth what he could have with Jenna, and if he accepts a bid, could he miss out on his love story’s most crucial chapter? Tell us what you think, and see if these two make any progress on the next “Awkward” episode Monday night at 9e/6p!