Should amy tell karma she’s not really ‘faking it’?

Straight, gay or otherwise, falling in love with your best friend can be, at once, absolutely exhilarating and nauseatingly terrifying, and on last night’s “Faking It,”Amy suddenly understood her feelings for Karma were real. For weeks, the BFFs have been masquerading as a lesbian couple to achieve popularity, but now that Amy’s had time to dissect her show-kiss with Karma, she’s realized there’s some genuine substance behind the spectacle. And, understandably, it’s making her head spin.

Thankfully, Amy’s gay sight guide, Shane, has been by her side through her self-discovery, and even agreed to help her land some dates with ladies to determine if any others stack up to Karma. But each time Amy tried to get a GF, she wound up thinking about her best friend, until she couldn’t deny her feelings any longer.

Finally, Shane suggested that Amy tell Karma where she stood, urging her to consider that Karma could be repressing feelings for Amy in the same way. But Amy was worried she’d be risking too much.

“She’s been my best friend since kindergarten,” Amy shared with Shane in a heartfelt moment. “If I tell her, things will get weird, and we’ll drift apart until one day, we’ll meet in line at the grocery store and say polite hellos and pretend like we didn’t once know everything there was to know about each other.”

So, what do you think — should Amy risk her friendship with Karma for the potential of something even greater, or should she keep her feelings to herself as to not damage the connection she and Karma already share?