Should alton have bowed out of the competition?

In “The Challenge” of yesteryear, Alton was the type to hang tough, stay out of the drama and leave only after having crossed the finish line. He was a feared competitor but a gentle soul, and always seemed to play fairly. Evidently, a lot has changed since his last appearance on “Inferno 3” in 2007. By the time his teammates Nany and Dustin secured a win in the most recent Arena, Alton had gotten into it with nearly everyone in the house. From new acquaintances to 10-year-old friend Trishelle, everyone appeared to wonder: What the hell is going on with this guy?

Upon obstinately holding the entire cast back from a leisurely outing (after fighting with Frank in the gym, no less), Alton made sure that if he didn’t get off on the wrong foot in “Battle Of The Seasons,” he definitely proceeded with it. His uncharacteristic behavior continued when he had to be carted off the field and force-fed oxygen toward the beginning of the “Insane Games,” and when he begged Zach to tell powers-that-be New Orleans to send Vegas into elimination so that he could voluntarily leave–and then didn’t even step up when Jemmye and Knight obliged–it seemed like the guy had officially lost his marbles. Even level-headed CJ felt compelled to call Alton out for his wishy-washy ways, which could have ultimately sent Nany and Dustin home.

“Challenge” vets Evan and Paula say in the Screening Room clip below that though Alton is a solid competitor, his behavior unfairly put Dustin at risk. “No matter what, it’s a bad feeling knowing you’re going in… especially when you feel like your team screwed it up,” Evan remarks. “And you have to sacrifice yourself in order to–”

“…calm the baby and make him not cry,” Paula finishes.

Check out the video, and tell us in the comments below if you think Alton should have kept to his word and bowed out of the competition, or if he was within his right to change his mind.