Shain shows us how a real “buckwild” man hollers [video]

With the premiere of “BUCKWILD,” we’ve been getting an ongoing education in pure country. We’ve learned all about mudding, dump truck diving and the so-called “holler.” Shain’s “Wolfpen Holler” is a steep, winding road along which most of his family resides, and as far as communication goes on the Gandee estate, cell phones are useless–all you need to do is shout and let the echo take over. At this point, the guy’s basically a professional hollerer, and in this interview clip, he shows us the proper technique.

Whether it’s a cup of sugar or some parts for your truck, hollering is the only way to get what you need in “BUCKWILD” land. Looking for a 9/16 wrench? (Really, who isn’t?) A simple “HEY! I NEED A NINE-SIXTEENTHS WRENCH” should do the trick. “Usually somebody’ll bring it over here to ya,” he says of a successful holler. But writing about hollering is like dancing about architecture, so really, you’ve got to hear it to understand it. Watch the video, and maybe try it out the next time you’re tempted to text your roommate from the other side of the apartment.