Shain gandee celebrated by old and new friends in ‘buckwild’ tribute special [video]

Shain Gandee touched the hearts of many during his too-short life, and during last night’s tribute to the deceased MTV star, “BUCKWILD: WV to NYC,” even a couple of guys from the Big City formed a special bond with the free-spirited country boy. Like two fish out of water, Charlamagne and Lil Duval of MTV2’s “Guy Code” traveled down to West Virginia to hang out with Gandee Candy and his tight-knit group of friends, and what they found during their time spent getting to know each other in Sissonville (and then later on in New York City) is that the distance between the North and South isn’t all that wide, and whether you eat squirrel meat or sushi has nothing to do with the content of your character.

In perhaps the most poignant part of the show, Charlamagne shared his personal takeaway from meeting Shain. “He makes you appreciate the little things, because Shain is actually enjoying the world,” he says in the clip below. Take a look at Shain doing exactly that: