Shain, cara and joey thank “buckwild” fans for catapulting them into season 2 [video]

The “BUCKWILD” crew isn’t exactly known for being subdued, so when ShainJoey and Cara heard the news that the show is coming back for a second season, OF COURSE they freaked out. The three muddin’ musketeers let out some hell-raisin’ hollers in this message to fans, thanking viewers for supporting their young, free and buckin’ crazy lifestyle.

“Put on your best muddin’ shirt and gas up your four-wheeler!” Shain screams in the vid below as he and his pals let out a huge hooray. It’s never a guarantee that the cream will rise to the top in the TV biz, but when you consider all that’s gone down in Sissonville over the past six weeks — from shooting soda bottles in high heels to making an apple butter appetizer out of a pal’s torso — our doubts about a renewal were few and far between. Here’s to an even BUCKWILDER Season 2!

Check out the clip, and remember to tune in to the season’s final two episodes of “BUCKWILD” tonight at 10e/p!