Shae and shain joke about scaredy-cat katie’s mudding misadventures [video]

Up until we saw Katie fly off the handle on last night’s season finale of “BUCKWILD,” the Southern belle had two modes: scared out of her f**king mind (remember the bull?) and straight chillin’. We can now officially add insanely livid to the list, thanks to Tyler, yet our favourite face of Katie’s is definitely when she’s terrified. In this exclusive interview clip, Shae and Shain discuss their gal pal’s tendency to let fear get the best of her.

“She’s scared ALL the time,” Shae says in the video below. “I had her crying in my truck,” he adds, recalling a muddin’ trip the crew took during the summer. Katie’s jitters were running rampant, even though Shae was the one who got injured on the ride! “I hit my head on the top of the truck, it was awful!” she notes. Katie’s bones remained unscathed, luckily, though her pride took a hit after many a tear was shed. Toughen up, girl, sissies aren’t allowed in Sissonville!

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