Seventeen gives ashley rickards a shout-out for her world activism

While Jenna Hamilton went from selfish to selfless (boldly giving her ex-BF and new pal her prom blessing) during Season 3 of “Awkward,” the actress who plays her, Ashley Rickards, sticks to being the latter 24/7…and we absolutely love her for it. Featured as one of 17 celebrity females changing the world in the March issue of Seventeen, Ashley is dubbed “The Activist” due to her supremely charitable ways.

Just how charitable, you ask? The 21-year-old went on a super-diet in 2012 in an effort to raise awareness about hunger and homelessness through CARE’s Live Below The Line Challenge. Subsisting on water and a bowl-and-a-half of rice per day for a week, Ashley gained perspective into the struggles of nearly one-third of the world’s population who live below the poverty line. The do-gooder also helped launch a campaign to put a stop to human trafficking and sexual slavery through Project Futures. She’s clearly earned her spot on Seventeen’s list…as well as a box of cupcakes.

Be sure to check out Ashley in the new issue of Seventeen, on newsstands Feb. 4th!


Yeah, you deserve yourself a hair flip, girl.