Seven ‘girl code’-worthy valentine’s day cards to send to your maybe-special someone

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, ladies! Which, according to popular belief, means you’ll either be out enjoying a smug, romantic evening with the love of your life, or you’ll be at home, binging on Ben & Jerry’s, watching “Hoarders” and tweeting about your cats. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN BETWEEN.

Well, we here at MTV recognize that your relationship status might be less black and white — and more, shall we say, “Fifty Shades of Grey” — and while we can’t right all the wrongs of a society that tries to pigeonhole you into being either Blissfully in Love or Desperate and Alone, we can offer you a small “Girl Code” lifeline in the form of some free, nontraditional greeting cards for ladies in various stages of love (or lust).

Feel free to download, share or pass these along to that special — or not-so-special — someone. Because everyone deserves a Valentine today. (And as far as we know, Hallmark still doesn’t make anything for That Guy You’re Just Casually Sexting.)

Cards for noncommittal types:




Cards for you (sorta) romantics:


MTVfinalfiance2b MTVfinalmyelfies

And finally, a post-Valentine’s Day thank you:


Original artwork by Debbie Newman