Selena gomez points a gun at ethan hawke in ‘getaway’ trailer

This isn’t the “Wizards of Waverly Place” anymore. The new trailer for Selena Gomez and Ethan Hawke’s action thriller, “Getaway,” premiered Thursday (June 6), and it plants the former Disney star’s feet in a world filled with fast cars, guns and intrigue.

The movie follows Hawke’s character, a former race-car driver, as he races against the clock to save his kidnapped wife while not being completely sure what the bad guy is after. Along the way, he runs into Gomez; shortly after she points a gun at him, she is forced to join him on the mission at the command of Hawke’s wife’s kidnapper. Will he kill her at the kidnapper’s request? “I’m not a killer,” he says.

“Good, you will need her help if you want your wife back,” the kidnapper declares, leaving viewers to wonder what she might have to bring to the equation. The trailer is then filled with car chases, more guns and Gomez looking pretty worried that Hawke still might off her. “I’m not dying for you,” she tells him, as he contemplates his next move to save his wife perhaps without too much collateral damage.

This marks Gomez’s latest turn in a more mature film. Earlier this year, she ran around Florida in a bikini in Harmony Korine’s bad-girl flick, “Spring Breakers.” “Getaway” opens August 30 and also stars Jon Voight, Rebecca Budig and Bruce Payne.

In addition to the summer action flick, Gomez will also drop her new album, Stars Dance, on July 23. She recently revealed a track list for the studio album, featuring her lead single “Come & Get It.” Just weeks before “Getaway” hits theaters, Gomez will kick off her Stars Dance World Tour on August 14 in Vancouver.