Try not to lick the screen when you see selena gomez’s birthday cake

Yesterday was Selena Gomez’s 23rd birthday, but you already knew that because you were observing the very special occasion all day right alongside us, riiiiiiight? Of course you were. Silly question.

Anyway, Selena appears to have celebrated her day in the usual way: Eventually finding herself face-palmingly embarrassed but secretly grateful as someone arrives with a candlelit birthday cake — or, in this case, Brownie à la Mode — and sings that familiar tune way out of key.

“I am the luckiest, happiest girl today,” she wrote to caption her Instagram picture of the celebratory scene. “Thank you guys so much for all the bday wishes!! I love growing up with YOU.”

What a sweet sentiment — literally! Suddenly we wish that whole 4-D internet concept would become a reality already so we can give this one a ’lil taste test because YUM.

Speaking of sugar, Selena’s BFF Taylor Swift decided to get in on the birthday wish game today too with an extra mushy mention, writing “Happy 23rd Birthday, @selenagomez. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since we met!! I love you so much, always.”