Selena gomez and chloe moretz join the party in ‘neighbors 2’ trailer

If there was anything missing from the 2014 blockbuster “Neighbors,” it was heavy drinking, flagrant drug abuse, half-nakedness and airbag jokes.

Oh wait… no, all of those things were in there. And they’re all back for round two in the new trailer for “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” — along with some clumsy pole-dancing and near-fatal car crashes. As the title suggests, the Radners’ (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) new nemeses are none other than a conniving collective of female Greek Lifers, who party just as hard (if not harder) than their frat bro predecessors.


Photo: Youtube

After flower-crowned sorority prez Madison (Selena Gomez) tells Shelby (Chloe Moretz) that only frats are allowed to throw ragers, Shelby rages against the “sexist, restrictive system” and founds her own chapter, Kappa Kappa Nu. And guess where she and her party-hungry comrades move in? Yep, right next door to the Radner’s, who are having a second baby and trying to sell their home (LOL, good luck with that.)


Photo: Youtube

Cue all the nightmare-next-door shenanigans, as the Radners declare war on Shelby and company, even calling in Teddy (Zac Efron, in all his pectoral prestige) to help them “shut this sh-t down.”


Photo: Youtube

Basically, if you thought Teddy’s schemes were evil, it looks like the girls are about to bust out some next-level villainy. I mean, you don’t put Kanye’s “Black Skinhead” in a trailer for nothing, right?