See where palos hills’ past and present couples are headed when ‘awkward’ returns

At the beginning of Jenna Hamilton‘s senior year, the Palos Hills High School student vowed to focus her efforts squarely on school. But when “Awkward” returns later this month, she and her pals will still be concentrating on relationship woes.

After Eva revealed that she might be pregnant with Matty‘s baby on the mid-season finale, Jenna will try her best to support her ex-boyfriend, showrunners Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler told TVLine yesterday. Said the two: “Jenna’s trying to be an adult about Matty.” In spite of her efforts to play it cool, though, Jenna will be at least a little resentful toward Matty and Eva, whom she holds partially responsible for her recent breakup with a college guy.

“Part of her wants to blame Matty and Eva for her split with Luke, but the other part of her knows she needs to take responsibility for the choices she made,” Alberghini and Chessler said.

As for Jake and Tamara, PHHS’ power couple-turned-sworn enemies will soon learn how to bury the hatchet, and the second coming of Jakara isn’t completely out of the question (!).



And though Sadie‘s still licking her wounds after getting dumped by Austin, you might just see things heat up between her and fellow food truck employee Sergio (yes, the one she treats like dirt…).

“They’ll continue their flirtation and their antagonistic relationship,” Alberghini and Chessler revealed. “Sadie has a major soft spot for Sergio, in spite of herself.”

Check out the full rundown, and stay tuned for the return of “Awkward” on September 23 at 10e/7p!