See what went down at the ‘big tips texas’ redneck heaven premiere party! Hint: minnow bombs.

Whether it’s snatchin’ weaves, letting their wobbly bits hang out or bar top-dancing, the barmaids of “Big Tips Texas” sure know how to make a scene. So when these rowdy cowgirls throw a party (though we suppose every day is a party at Redneck Heaven) you just know all hell is gonna break loose, especially when the shindig is in honor of their brand new show! From busting out the recliners to the delicious looking cake pictured above, these girls toasted to “BTT” in true Texas fashion. Who needs a red carpet and champagne when you have minnow bombs and daisy dukes?

On Thursday night, Typhani, Amber, Morgan and the rest of the Redneck girls gathered at the best little bar in Texas to watch the hour long premiere, and let’s just say we were very sad our invites got lost in the mail, because it looked like the hoedown of the century. Check out all the party pics, and make sure to pay your respects to the minnow Amber downed in the video, below! We’re sure he was a trooper.


The king and queen of Redneck Heaven sit in their thrones awaiting the premiere.


Kristyn and Morgan went from enemies to BFFs because of their shared love of weaves.


Morgan and her boyfriend, Chance, pose for a pic.


Kristyn and Amber *really* seem to like “Catfish.”

Amber downs what we’re sure is her umpteenth minnow bomb.