See every time neil patrick harris threw oscars shade in one glorious supercut

Hosting the Oscars is a tough job for any Hollywood A-lister. You’ve got to sing! You’ve got to dance! You’ve got to correctly pronounce the names of every presenter, even the really weird ones, and you’ve gotta appear onstage (and on live national television) wearing naught but your underpants, to boot!

But for whomever emcees the festivities on Oscar night, there’s no responsibility greater than throwing shade — at the celebs in attendance, at the movie industry at large, and most especially at yourself, just so that everyone knows you’re equal-opportunity about it.

Fortunately, Neil Patrick Harris took this part of his job very seriously. The zingers came fast and fiery throughout his appearance as the 2015 Oscars host, starting in minute one with an #OscarsSoWhite joke. And today, we’ve assembled all of his shade into a supercut of continuous burn that lasts nearly a full two minutes. Check out the video below!