Season 1 of ‘faking it’ ends with massive truth bombs

In an ideal world, Amy and Karma‘s couple charade could have fizzled out slowly and quietly before leaving anyone badly burned. But on last night’s “Faking It” season finale, the wrong strings were pulled, and in a few quick minutes, everything came undone.

Karma, who finally got her wish of sleeping with Liam at the end of last week’s episode, seemed to awaken genuine feelings in the high school lothario. The problem: Liam wanted to go public as an exclusive pair, but Karma hadn’t yet revealed to Amy that she and Liam were together. And, of course, Karma couldn’t risk upsetting Amy, who was especially sensitive to any mention of the heartthrob.

Unfortunately, Shane spilled the beans before Karma could come clean. Already privy to Karmy’s deceit, he felt obligated to set the truth bomb off when he sensed his best bro was in too deep. The result: Liam almost immediately swore Karma off. And he wasn’t the only one…


Amy gave a touching speech at the wedding reception for her mother and Lauren‘s dad, speaking to the value of falling in love with one’s best friend. That’s when Karma finally realized Amy’s feelings for her were real — and she was suddenly forced to explain that they weren’t reciprocated. Karma admitted that the BFFs’ threesome kiss was exciting, but that’s where her romantic feelings started and ended. When Amy asked how her lifelong pal knew for sure, Karma had to cite her hookup with Liam as evidence. In an instant, Karma was without a potential boyfriend and a best friend.

And just when it seemed impossible that the wedding reception could be the site of another earthquake, Amy and Liam, who were both drunk and disoriented by the end of the night, caught each other’s eyes near the catering tents. Before they knew it, they were tangled up in a steamy kiss on Amy’s bed. PLOT TWIST!

It’s safe to say that last night’s episode did more damage than an atomic bomb. Considering all that went down (and that the show will see a second season), is there any way this group can sort things out? And, if so, how?