Sadie saxton: the ‘awkward’ voice of our generation?

Sadie Saxton‘s a self-proclaimed bitch, a relentless perfectionist and a master of the side-eye, but is she also the the guiding light of the Millennial crowd?

The “Awkward” HBIC, who discovered on tonight’s episode that she’d been accepted to Columbia University, was dealt a crushing blow that brought her back down to Earth: She couldn’t afford tuition. After losing her family fortune and being abandoned by her parents, it seems the Ivy League was too rich for Sadie’s blood, but thankfully, she had a way out — the Elsa Hacks scholarship.

By proving she was an upstanding member of her school and community, Sadie had a shot at winning a full ride to her school of choice, and when the cheerleader’s select production team plopped her down on set and began rolling, we were quickly reminded that SS’s tongue is anything but tame.

Sadie’s method of oration is…unique, to say the least. Since first documenting her anger management sessions during her sophomore year at Palos Hills High School, Sadie, whose speech is reliably obscenity-laden, has proven to be refreshingly direct. Mincing words is not of interest to her, and you know what? We’re on board — diplomacy is for squares!

Point: Do you think Sadie would have ever successfully helped Valerie Marks reclaim her position as guidance counselor if the cheerleader had beaten around the bush with the Palos Hills School Board? UNLIKELY. By sharing the intimate details of her upbringing — and entertainingly maligning Aunt Ally in the process — Sadie ensured Val’s seat would be occupied by Ms. Marks and Ms. Marks only.

And when Jenna Hamilton, who spiraled out of control during her junior year, needed a backhand back into reality, who eagerly stepped up to the plate and delivered? Sadie, of course, who got through to Jenna by mocking her misdeeds until Jenna couldn’t stand her stoner self any longer. This A.S.S. deserved a job well done, if you ask us.

Look back at Sadie’s most memorable sermons, and tune in to this season’s penultimate episode next Tuesday at 10e/7p!