Ryan reynolds dropped a lot of cash to get bea arthur in deadpool

We know the making of Deadpool wasn’t all “unicorns and cocaine,” but we had no idea how much of his own money Ryan Reynolds dropped for this passion project. Apparently, it took Reynolds 10 years and $10,000 to get the R-rated superhero flick just right.

Wade Wilson’s love of Bea Arthur is one of the character’s defining traits — he would seriously kill for her — so it’s no surprise that Reynolds did what he had to do to get the late Golden Girls star inDeadpool. According to the film’s DVD commentary track, via Gizmodo, Reynolds personally made a $10,000 payment to use Arthur’s likeness in the film. The money went to an undisclosed charity.

Reynolds even reached out to Daniel Saks, one of Arthur’s two sons, for permission to use her image in the film. (Arthur’s image appears on one of Wade’s tank tops.) Of course, his reputation as a Nice Guy came in pretty handy.

Wade (Ryan Reynolds) and his future baby mama Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) get up close and personal.

With Arthur’s estate on board, Reynolds was able to give Deadpoolfans the movie they deserved — and it was worth every last penny. BRB, going to listen to the Maude theme song to celebrate.

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