Rivals ii wes and ‘girl code”s nicole byer ponder the liabilities of being kidnapped in thailand [video]

If you’ve seen “The Hangover: Part II,” then you know that Thailand is not for the faint of heart. Though the “Rivals II” crew spent the majority of their time in the exotic country chillin’ within the confines of their “Challenge” crib, on tonight’s episode, T.J. Lavin threw them for a loop, telling the remaining competitors they’d be heading to Tokyo for their final mission. But just when their bus started rollin’ through the jungle, a creepy white van stopped them in their tracks, and masked ninjas wielding twist-tie handcuffs hijacked the group! We wouldn’t judge any of the players if they happened to crap their pants during the ordeal. (Yes, we certainly would.)

“To be perfectly honest, there was five seconds — which doesn’t feel like that much — but there was five seconds where we legitimately thought we were being kidnapped,” Wes Bergmann, who endured the harrowing experience, tells “Girl Code” star Nicole Byer in the “Challenge Screening Room” clip below. But would that really have been so bad? “THINK OF THE LAWSUIT!” the comedienne reasons, clearly on to something. A payout for being taken hostage could possibly be greater than the prize for first place in “Rivals II”…and you wouldn’t have to complete a puzzle!

Check out the clip to hear the best “Challenge” banter in “Screening Room” history.