‘rivals ii’ team emily and paula are kicking butt and taking names! But are they unstoppable?

For every rivalry that forms during a “Challenge” season, a loyal friendship blossoms on the other side of the house. But one would hardly expect the enemies paired up for “Rivals II” to become best buddies overnight…unless, that is, said enemies were KICKING MAJOR ASS. Since the competition got underway, Paula and Emily have proven that winning has a way of bringing people closer together, and midway through the game, they’re seemingly bulletproof. With a five for six record so far, there’s no doubt this drama-free duo have what it takes to sail through to the end.

Paumily’s win during last night’s “Newlywed Game”-esque “Frenemies” mission showed off both their brawn and brains, as well as a mind-meld that is stronger than even that of former BFFs Nany and Jonna. And let’s be serious: The only reason they didn’t dominate “Frog Smash” is because nobody swung at Theresa and Jasmine, which let them cakewalk into first place. We’ve gotta commend Paumily for swiftly putting their old issues aside to achieve one common goal (cash money, what else?), and we truly wonder if any of their cast mates have a chance in hell of breaking their stride.

What do you think? Will the girls’ “Challenge” domination continue, or is there another female team that could easily catch up? Tell us in the comments!