‘rivals ii’ sneak peek: theresa and jasmine won’t take the burn vote drama lying down

Lesson learned: Burn votes DO NOT work. On the most recent “Rivals II,” Jasmine and
Theresa found out the hard way that voting for Leroy and Ty wasn’t a smart move — not only did it backfire, but their fellow competitors suddenly saw them as something like lepers. Still, the partners have no plans to let their sudden status as pariahs knock them down, and in the sneak peek of the next all-new episode below, they vow to play tough if that’s what it takes to move on.

“I feel like I have to watch my front, back, middle, everywhere,” Theresa complains to Aneesa about Aneesa’s partner, Diem, in the clip. Theresa says Diem spat on their friendship when she voted for Ty and Leroy, too, and says she’s finally understanding the basics of dirty politics. “There’s no such thing as having friends in this house,” she laments to her teammate later on. “I don’t trust anyone in this house but you.” Well, at least the rivalry between these girls is fading!

Check out the sneak peek, tell us if you think Theresa and Jasmine can return from their fall from grace and watch the next episode Wednesday night at 10e/p!