Will paula and emily’s nerves kill their chances at ‘challenge’ gold? [video]

Since the beginning of “Rivas II,” it’s been Paula and Emily‘s game to lose. The ladies won most of the season’s missions, stayed in the guys’ good graces throughout and restored a relationship that had been frayed since the days of “Cutthroat.” But ever since the penultimate mission, Team Blue has admitted to a collective case of scaredy-cat syndrome, which includes begging to stay out of the final Jungle, getting shaky hands over being “sent” to Tokyo and getting tripped up by anxiety at the final’s first puzzle. In the “Challenge Screening Room” clip below, Wes and Nicole Byer of “Girl Code” wonder if Paumily will be able to pull it together.

“Yeah, they’re the best duo of athletes, but they just…worry [themselves] into a hole,” Wes says, as he and Nicole look back on how the girls unraveled. Wes calls Emily hypocritical for criticizing Paula at the game’s onset for “playing scared,” only to succumb to that fear at the end. And now that Cooke and Cara Maria have started the final at the top of the totem pole, have the days of Team Blue’s dominance officially come to an end?