‘rivals ii’: did ct have an obligation to vote diem’s way?

It’s a love story more forbidden than Romeo and Juliet, more enduring than Ross and Rachel and after tonight, probably more donezo than Kristin and StephenCT and Diem. The “Rivals II” pair have been looking out for each other since they met on “The Duel,” and on last week’s episode, CT swore (see evidence above) that he would do anything to help Diem get to the end. But tonight, devoid of reason, CT flipped the script and voted for Superwomen Emily and Paula to face off against the already Jungle-sentenced Diem and Aneesa — even though that’s exactly what Diem said she didn’t want. Though he insisted Diem wasn’t his responsibility, wasn’t she?

After Cooke and Cara Maria pulled out a come-from-behind win that guaranteed their spots in the final, the guys were forced to choose between Teams Green and Blue to face Diem and Aneesa in The Jungle. Sure that CT was on her side, Diem was furious when Johnny told her CT was debating throwing in the only team she feared. And, as if following through wasn’t crushing enough, when it turned out CT and Wes were the only team that didn’t vote her way, his choice became all the more vindictive. “She’s been made a fool of,” Johnny observed.

Was CT’s argument that Camila and Jemmye deserved to be thrown a bone justification for ignoring Diem’s pleas, or was she just screwed over, plain and simple? Weigh in with your opinion!