Rihanna’s eighth album is on its way. No, rih-lly

As obsessed as I am with Rihanna’s World Cup-trolling, I’m glad she put a pin in the live-tweets on June 30 to make a very special announcement: Her eighth studio album is on its way.

At least I’m assuming that’s the message that this tweet is meant to convey. It’s a photo of a mixing board, coupled with the hashtag “#R8″ — “R” as in “Rihanna” and “8″ as in “album No. 8″ I’m guessing? If she just wants to rate her new recording studio equipment, I’ll eat my hat.


And I hate eating hats.

The “What Now” singer’s kept pretty mum about the follow-up to 2012′s Unapologetic. There was that rumored “#barz” collaboration with Nicki Minaj that Rih might (or might not) have been teasing back in May, but otherwise the Navy’s pretty much been lost at sea. #PhlawlessWordplay

Until we get more concrete info though, it’s back to Rihanna’s Twitter handle, which blessed us with the 26-year-old singer’s “first selfie” on Sunday. Has she not aged since 2005? What kind of vampirism…