‘ridiculousness’ pays tribute to the screamer in each of us [video]

The “Ridiculousness” talking heads don’t have have a single poker face among them (exactly how many times has Chanel caught flies with her wide-open giggle?), but even their cries of laughter were one-upped by last night’s “Screamers” reel. Rob Dyrdek, special guest Carmen Electra and the rest of the red couch crew sought out to honour the world’s greatest screechers, and the result was nothing short of a cacophony. Grab your ear plugs and let’s proceed…

From a child who sees something horrific he probably shouldn’t have (IT’S NOT SAMARA, IS IT?!), to an amusement park patron who could’ve used an extra second before being launched into the stratosphere, the people featured in the chill-inducing segment certainly aren’t known for being stoic. “He screamed like a biotch!” Electra observes of one officer who squeals an octave higher than usual, after being zapped by a stun gun during a demonstration. Hey: We can’t say we wouldn’t do the same. How ’bout a little sensitivity, C?

Stick your fingers in your ears, check out all the madness below and tune in to an all-new “Ridiculousness” next Thursday at 10e/p!