“ridiculousness” dedicates a clip reel exclusively to falling on your ass [video]

If you’ve ever accidentally tumbled backwards and landed squarely where the sun don’t shine, you’re certainly not alone, friends. Bruising your behind is one of life’s natural comedies — at least, if you’re the spectator — and on last night’s “Ridiculousness,” Rob Dyrdek and guest Bam Margera made sure to give the butt of the jokes their moment to shine. Because doesn’t everyone deserve their chance in the spotlight?

In “Tailboners,” Rob and his crew zero in on the excruciatingly painful moment at which one’s ass makes contact with an object it was never meant to meet, be it the ground, a skateboard or that bright yellow playground slide. “I can’t even count how many times that’s happened to me,” Bam says after watching one girl suffer the pain that can result from striving for extreme sports greatness. And if it wasn’t already clear before watching these clips: Stay away from yoga balls! Nothing good can come from them.

Check out the video, tell us if you’ve got a good fall story and tune in to “Ridiculousness” every Thursday night at 10e/p!