Rick ross talks ‘god forgives, i don’t’ with mtv news

Former prison-guard, turned rap-superstar Rick Ross released his 6th studio-album ‘God Forgives, I Don’t‘ last month and if you find yourself a fan of the album, you have diced pineapple to thank for that. MTV News recently got the chance to chat with Rick all about his latest album, or as he calls it, his latest “masterpiece“.

For this album I wanted to approach titling it a lot different from previous albums, I wanted it to be strong and impactful,” he says. “I remember I was smoking a blunt in bed when it hit me, I felt like it was two sides to a story, and the first part was God Forgives, there’s a lot of us that need forgiveness, I Don’t represented the street-aspect of life… It gave me one of those feelings, it was a motion-picture, a masterpiece, five star.”

After being in the industry for more than half a decade, how have things changed when it comes to writing and recording his music?

I keep my circle extremely small when it comes to recording my music, I put the music together before I even put the words to the music. It’s easier for me to write the words and make it fit the music versus me finding music that can fit to my words.”

Fans were shocked when on October 14, 2011 Rick Ross suffered two seizures in the same day, once in the morning and once again early evening. Following the morning seizure, he was unconscious and CPR was being performed. He later became stable and Ross boarded another plane where he suffered the second seizure. He spent time in the hospital and now says he’s thankful to be alive.

When I got out of the hospital I was leaving and the doctor said ‘You’ve got to east some fruit, man’, drink some water and eat your fruit and just relax’, well, my fruit of choice was pineapples, for the next three weeks I woke up every morning and ate diced pineapples.”

Well if it was the pineapple that brought you back to health in time to make this album, we’d like to thank you, diced pineapple, for everything.

For more from our chat with Rick Ross, watch the full piece below.

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