Rick ross out on bond after agreeing to risk $5 million mansion

Rick Ross – who was arrested last month on kidnapping, assault and battery charges – was granted bond Wednesday (Jul. 1), according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He just had to put his $5 million mansion up to do it.

The rapper reportedly made an agreement with a Fayette County judge. The deal? If he violates the conditions of his bond by intimidating a witness or obstructing justice in any way, the rapper will lose his 235-acre home, according to AJC.

In addition to this, TMZ reports that Rozay was freed on a $2 million bond. That money reportedly came from $1 million equity on two of his homes, a $500,000 surety bond and and another $500,000 in cash. He will also reportedly have to wear a GPS ankle monitor.

The site also posted videos from the courtroom:


In one clip, a prosecutors detailed the allegations:


In another vid, Ross’s lawyer explained the bond:

Rozay and his bodyguard – Nadrian James – have been accused of assaulting two people who worked at the MMG boss’s estate. The men allegedly had a party at the rap star’s home without his knowledge. James is set to remain in jail until August 13 pending a hearing, AJC reports.

MTV News reached out to Fayette County’s Sheriff’s office, but have not heard back as of press time.