Return to karma: snooki and jwoww visit their former stomping ground

During the good ol’ Jersey Shore summer days, it was a safe bet to find Snooki & JWOWW at the legendary hot spot Karma. Fittingly, in the final episode of’s original animated series “Cribmates,” the besties come full circle during a field trip to the boardwalk with their darling daughters — and stumble upon their Seaside Heights haunt. Ahhh, memories of violent fistpumping.

“This is where Mommy made a lot of mistakes,” Nicole points out to Baby Giovanna as they stand next to that familiar electric blue signage. Meanwhile, Jenni warns little Meilani that Roger “will never let you go here.” No grenades for these munchkins!

Watch the babies’ total confusion about the allure of the club — as well as Snooki’s unexpected encounter with a blast from the past. And be sure to tune in to a brand-new episode of “Snooki & JWOWW on Wednesday at 10e/7p!