Relive sam’s zero-to-hero performance in the arena! [video]

The martyr. The whipping girl. The scapegoat. No matter how you slice it, Sam was the punching-bag-of-the-week on tonight’s episode of “Battle Of The Seasons,” as physical exhaustion took its toll on her during the most difficult mission to date. The San Diego boys used her subpar performance to call her every name in the book, and if that wasn’t enough, both Zach and Frank voiced to everyone in the house that going into The Arena with Sam was a suicide mission.

Once their trip to the elimination round was confirmed, Sam broke down at the idea that her teammates didn’t have any confidence in her ability as a player, but rather than let the pressure get the best of her, she chose to man up and control her own fate by volunteering for The Arena as soon as TJ opened his mouth. And that is how you play “The Challenge,” everybody.

Zach was elected to be Sam’s partner by Team Brooklyn (they finally got a free week!), and as soon as the duo squared off against Jemmye and Knight, it was clear Zach couldn’t hack it. The barbarian of an athlete couldn’t get the mechanics of hanging upside down like a dead fish while submerging himself in water to lift up Sam, who was more than pulling her own weight. When it became obvious that they needed to work together, Sam whipped her biggest doubter into shape with a serious reality check and a dose of tough love.

“Look at me,” she demanded. “Do you want to win this and prove everybody wrong? Then go to the f***ing bottom!”

Zach’s inner Hulk awoke upon Sam’s pep talk, and the two pulled off a win, edging out what was left of Team New Orleans. Tail between his legs, Zach ate his words as he realized Sam’s 180 was the reason they were still in the game. “She deserves to be in this house more than anyone on this team,” he said.

Were you inspired by Sam’s perseverance? Watch it again, and revel in her victory!