Recap: the first half of ‘teen mom’ season 4

When we first met Maci, Farrah, Amber and Catelynn on “16 and Pregnant,” they were completely intimidated by the mere idea of motherhood and the sacrifices it necessitated. Now, halfway into the final season of “Teen Mom,” they’ve demonstrated the type of strength, fortitude and willingness that come only with experience as parents. Before Episode 6 airs on Tuesday, let’s review some of the major events that have occurred thus far during Season 4.

Episode 1, Separation Anxiety
Maci decided to enroll Bentley in daycare while Amber prepared to go to rehab, which she hoped would enable her to get a fresh start with Gary and Leah. Catelynn and Tyler celebrated Carly’s second birthday, and Farrah started to have serious doubts about her decision to leave Sophia with her parents. Just two weeks before the young mother was set to pack up her belongings and move to Florida, she told her mom and dad that Sophia would be joining her.

Episode 2, Letting Go
Amber entered a rehab program in Malibu, California, but struggled with missing Leah, while Farrah packed up and said farewell to her life in Iowa. Catelynn and Tyler had their second visit with Carly in New York and walked away with feelings of guilt and sadness, and Maci got into a fight with Ryan because she needed him to pick up Bentley a few hours earlier than normal and he couldn’t accommodate her request. Unfortunately, Maci took her frustration out on Kyle instead.

Episode 3, The Places You’ll Go
Tyler managed to keep his head high after discovering his dad couldn’t attend his and Catelynn’s graduation ceremony, while Maci asked Ryan if she and her friends could join in on his family vacation. Farrah barely had time to settle into her new home before her parents’ long-distance anxieties began to weigh her down, and Gary met with a lawyer to find out if CPS would allow him and Leah to visit Amber in rehab.

Episode 4, Strike Out
Farrah went on a date with her neighbor, but there weren’t any sparks, and Maci and her friends tagged along on Ryan’s family vacation, but the trip didn’t pan out the way she anticipated. When Maci showed up to share a nice beach day with her son, Bentley threw a tantrum because he had already developed an attachment to Ryan’s new girlfriend, Dalis. Butch was released from jail, and Catelynn and Tyler let him stay with them, but when he didn’t come home one night, the young couple was forced to lock Butch out of the house. Gary and Leah visited Amber in rehab but found out they couldn’t all be in the same room together.

Episode 5, Homecoming
During Amber and Gary’s final counseling session at rehab, they made remarkable progress and were able to speak openly about their volatile relationship. Maci decided to withdraw from her plans to pursue a B.A. at Chattanooga State, and instead, shoot for an Associates of Applied Science degree so that she could finish up sooner. Farrah returned home to visit her parents, but when they voiced their concerns for Sophia, she got fed up, while Catelynn and her grandmother shared their stories with other women at an adoption support group meeting.