“real world”: will johnny and averey’s romance last?

Maybe Johnny and Averey pulled the trigger a little too quickly on the “Real World: Portland” premiere, but in a city famous for its liberal behavior, a kiss on the dance floor is nothing out of the ordinary. The two strangers didn’t foresee any roommate romances when they first stepped into their new home, but when they bonded over shared weirdness during a night out on the town, the physical attraction between them was undeniable.

In the “Real World: After Show” clip below, Jordan and Jessica debate how soon is too soon when it comes to canoodling with a co-tenant. “I think it’s normal,” Jessica says. “When a guy’s attracted to a girl…I mean, hey, they’re livin’ in the same house!” Jordan, on the other hand, is stuck on the fact that Johnerey (you heard it here first, folks!) hadn’t even located all their loft’s light switches before getting down at the club. “I just couldn’t believe it was so quick,” he says. “That’s what I’m hung up on.”

Johnny and Avery’s flirtation hasn’t advanced any further than a makeout, but do you think it has potential to go the distance? Check out the video and tell us what you think!