‘real world’: which st. Thomas cast member did you relate to most?

From fish in the bathtub to chickens in the bed, and from declarations of love to vows to kill all contact, the “Real World: St. Thomas” season certainly took some unexpected turns, and by the time each housemate had boarded a flight home (excepting Swift, of course, who decided to stay on the island), we had seven very different stories on our hands (and an entire island left unoccupied!).

While self-proclaimed “byotchMarie learned that being nice has its upsides (you attract good people like Robb!), Trey learned–from his juggling Laura and girl-back-home Chelsea–that sometimes, you have to be the bad guy. LaToya rarely departed from being the smiley life of the party, but Brandon learned the hard way that some habits are meant to be broken. And though Swift seemed at home in the Virgin Islands, Laura–who’d surrounded herself with Trey for months–felt alone as she made her way back to the continental United States. Finally, Robb’s lasting impression was simple enough: Try not to beat the sh** out of yourself.

Which ‘Real World’ housemate did YOU relate to most?

Now that the season has come and gone, tell us which cast member you related to most, and who you’ll miss seeing each Wednesday night!