‘real world’ sneak peek: hurricane nia plots to knock the wind out of jordan

If you think you see a sliver of sunlight on the horizon, you must be confused — yes, Hurricane Nia is in a lull period, but that just means we’re in the eye of the storm. In this sneak peek of Wednesday’s “Real World: Portlandfinale, Nia breaks down her brutal fight with Johnny and Averey to Dom, taking no accountability whatsoever. Instead, she re-directs her weather pattern toward…Jordan?

Nia says she can identify with Dom, a tough trainer, because of their shared experiences and hardships, and as soon as she sees him react angrily to news that Jordan tried to stop the fight by restraining Nia, she commits to making her roommate’s life hell. “I already told him, like, ‘You were dead two weeks ago,” she tells Dom, who says there’s no way he could live with himself if he didn’t intervene and set Jordan straight. Jordan and Nia certainly have a shaky past, but is he really to blame for any of this battle?

Check out the video, and be sure to tune in to the “Real World” finale Wednesday at 10e/p!