‘real world’ sneak peek: averey’s late-night prank doesn’t sit well with a drunk johnny

Just as sure as every “Real World” housemate will argue over dirty dishes or talk trash in the Confessional, they’re bound to prank each other for entertainment. And while usually the chosen targets will elicit a smile or laugh upon realizing they’ve been duped, it looks like things won’t be so lighthearted in Portland.

Averey decides to pretend to be angry that Johnny hung out with some other ladies in this sneak peek of Wednesday’s new episode, but her new boyfriend doesn’t appreciate being the butt of the joke, and suddenly, it’s she that might be in the doghouse.

As Johnny and Marlon divulge a plan to explain their club shenanigans in the elevator, the girls convince Averey to fill a vodka bottle with water and fake-chug it in a white-rage over Johnny’s wandering eye. “I don’t care what you say, I’m a grown woman,” Averey convincingly shouts after Johnny tries to calm down his not-actually-offended GF. “You don’t have to tell me s**t!”

Averey finally comes clean about her little ruse, but Johnny’s not laughing. “F**k you all,” he tells everyone before looking straight at Averey. “And you.

Uh-oh, are these new lovebirds doomed? Check out the video, as well as the next “Real World” on Wednesday at 10/9c to see what happens!