‘real world’: is jordan as much of an ass as his roommates claim?

Jordan’s been convinced he’s Portland’s alpha wolf since he stepped into the “Real World” loft, but on last night’s episode, any semblance of a pack he’d built up abandoned him. When his ongoing tiff with Jessica began to piss off Johnny and Marlon, Jordan’s allied forces switched sides. And while he now says he accepts responsibility for his irritating behaviour at the bar in MTV “Real World: After Show,” he also sort of blames the whole thing on Jess. Distinction or contradiction…?

“I’m very intense, especially when alcohol is involved,” Jordan tells Jess in the clip below. “It just lets your emotions flow more freely.” When Jessica asks if he was upset that the boys called him out in the thick of his bar-buzz, he says it never would have happened if it hadn’t been for her penchant for exaggeration. “At the time, [I was] just so fed up with you,” he says. “[I was] tired of hearing it! [I was] tired of hearing [your] voice…[I was] gonna start calling [you] ‘one-up!'”

Is Jordan deserving of all the cold shoulders he got? Tell us how you think he should move forward with his housemates.