‘real world’: is it time for averey to cut johnny loose?

It might be difficult to notice a small skirmish (Averey vs. Johnny) while World War III (Nia vs. Jordan) is raging on, but our resident “Real World: Portland” couple is starting to show cracks. After Averey and Bird mocked Johnny’s post-bar slurred speech during last night’s episode, he completely Hulked-out, and since this type of reaction seems to be a recurring trend for the Boston boy, we have to ask: Is it time for Averey to cut him loose?

In what was initially meant to be an act of kindness, Johnny agreed to bring pizza back from Schmizza’s for his female housemates after collecting his paycheck, but instead, he chose to stay there and get hammered. When he finally returned home, his drunken aggression escalated to the point of yelling at Averey for essentially nothing, and she gave her boyfriend the cold shoulder for the next few days. “He’s a little boy,” she told Bird, as the distance between the couple grew. Ultimately, the two reconciled, but we have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before Johnny’s inner-angry drunk rears its ugly head again.

Tell us what you think — can Johnny and Averey’s connection transcend their troubles, or is it time for Averey to go local and find a nice Oregonian?