‘real world’: did nia deserve to be fired from pizza schmizza?

Paging Nia’s sense of entitlement, your table at Pizza Schmizza is ready! Last night on “Real World,” Hurricane Nia blew her winds away from the Portland loft, for once, and laid into the housemates’ manager, Brett, after she fired her for not showing up to work (even though she was told by another employee that she wasn’t on the schedule). Nia would never let someone other than herself have the last word, so instead of enjoying the fact that she was no longer tied to a job she hated, she all but cussed out her old bosses and told them they’d never amount to anything. Stay classy!

In the online “Real World” After Show clip below, Nia defends her rude behaviour by blaming the whole incident on Jordan tainting Brett’s view of her before she was even interviewed. “So you’re not firing me because I did poor quality or anything like that, you’re firing me because you have this already f**ked up impression of me from before I even started,” Nia says of Brett’s impulse move. Hmmm, so those super-long smoke breaks and not knowing the table numbers had absolutely nothing to do with it? We kid, we kid. Kind of.

Nia’s out of a job, but do you feel bad for her? Watch the video to hear her side of the story, then tell us if you think she deserved the axe!