‘real world’: did hurricane nia have reasonable cause to strike?

We snatched up every available sandbag and battened down the hatches, but were somehow still unprepared for the moment Hurricane Nia finally made contact with Portland on last night’s “Real World.” The storm you’ve been waiting to see all season finally erupted when a little doo-doo left by Daisy amounted to all-out warfare between the dog’s proud parents, Johnny and Averey, and she-who-stepped-in-dog-sh**, Nia. The seemingly silly argument came to blows by the episode’s end, and we can only imagine what’s in store for next week.

In the “Real World After Show” clips below, Nia claims she had no intention of throwing down until Johnny took the argument to the next level by tossing snot and energy drinks her way: “It just showed that he couldn’t win with his words — he couldn’t cleverly align them the way that I could.” As soon as she felt that Johnny crossed the line, she says she couldn’t be talked down, and fighting fair was no longer an option. “It’s unfortunate, but I do not regret it at all… [Johnny] turned a verbal fight into something physical, and I just chose to use my fists instead of throwing an energy drink.”

Check out the videos below, and tell us if you think Nia’s anger was justified.