Ramon has given his whole heart (and bank account! ) to a potential ‘catfish’ [sneak peek]

Uncovering the truth about virtual relationships can take a tremendous emotional toll on “Catfish” victims, but for casino worker Ramon, any potential fallout with his Internet girlfriend, Paola, could also come at a literal cost. The 19-year-old Arizonian tells Nev and Max in this 10-minute sneak peek of Tuesday’s new episode that he has sent Paola thousands of dollars (not to mention, bought her a Wii) because he loves her, even though one particularly troubling video-chat session has him questioning whether or not she’s the real thing.

Ramon says that Paola — a Florida girl who’s been reluctant to meet in person — did agree to video chat once, but when she finally got on camera, a completely different woman was on the other end. Later, Ramon explains that Paola claimed she’d asked her cousin to stand in, to ensure that Ramon wasn’t only attracted to her looks. Despite the strange test, Ramon continues to pay Paola’s bills and even gave her his bank information. “I love the girl; it’s my way of showing it, you know?” he says.

Check out the clip, and tune in to an all-new episode of “Catfish” Tuesday night at 10e/p!