‘punk’d: which celeb host earns the golden trucker crown?

Admit it–you were a teensy bit nervous when you heard Ashton Kutcher would be passing on his “Punk’d” torch to a slew of celeb hosts like Justin BieberMiley Cyrus and Nick Cannon. Surely, these A-list folks couldn’t know what it takes to pull off a top-notch prank worthy of competing with Justin Timberlake’s tears…right?

Oh, so wrong you were.

Many of the stars MTV employed for a guest gig knocked it outta the park, in our humble opinion. And now, after watching last week’s season finale, we want to hear from you which host did the best job. Let’s review…


Justin Bieber: The stakes were high for Episode 1, as the Biebs knew he had a huge trucker hat to fill. The pop star prevailed when he nearly drove country music sweetheart Taylor Swift to tears, only to then pay his karmic debt when failing to dupe “Fantasy Factory” frontman Rob Dyrdek. Guess you can’t win ’em all, JB.

Bam Margera: The former jackass, who had “Jersey Shore” star Ronnie convinced that his tampon-seeking stylist was being held hostage in a convenience store, did not disappoint. That frightened look on Ron’s face will be forever etched into our subconscious.


Hayden Panetierre: In one of our favorite gags from the season, the actress had a panicked Zac Efron believing he was about to face jail time after his bro’s car nearly struck an elderly woman. The old lady tossed her sack of dog poo onto the windshield, and Zac nearly poo’ed his pants. Win-win.

Tyler, The Creator: After falling victim to the hands of former guest host Bam Margera, the hip-hop artist had Shenae Grimes crying to her mommy, and Scott Disick about to pop a neck vein on another successful episode.


Lucy Hale: The joke was on Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) when the Pretty Little Prankster had “The Hunger Games” heartthrob convinced he’d stumbled into a government coffee conspiracy.

Nick Cannon: It takes real expertise to have Demi Lovato believing in ghosts and Ashley Tisdale confessing that she was thisclose to puking up her lunch. We applaud you, Mr. Cannon.


Dax Shepard: Dax put on his “Punk’d” pants once again for a little dirty fun, easily fooling the likes of Lauren Conrad, who fell hard for a staged dumpster diver headed for a seemingly dangerous situation.

Miley Cyrus: Miley revealed her inner “Punk’d” pro after not only pissing off her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, but going all “There’s Something About Mary” on friends Kelly Osbourneand Khloe Kardashian. Both ladies were forced to calmly rescue a delivery man whose balls were painfully (and fakely) caught in his zipper. Zing.


Heather Morris: Heather Morris may drop a few high notes on “Glee,” but the actress sorta dropped the ball when pranking Joe Jonas, who quickly caught on to her scheme. On the flip side, Morris was able to make the squeaky clean Cody Simpson launch a curse-bomb over a friend-turned-robber. Morris FTW!

Kellan Lutz: The “Twilight” superstar somehow convinced three of the hottest ladies in Hollywood that s**t had hit the fan, going so far as to allow “Awkward” sweetheart Ashley Rickards to stick her finger down a pseudo-poison victim’s throat so he could vom. We weren’t sure whether to clap or dry heave at Kellan’s dedication.

Mac Miller: Rapper Mac Miller may be quick with the rhymes, but he wasn’t able to pull a fast one on Neil Patrick Harris, who told the camera, “Better luck next time!” The MC also failed to get Wiz Khalifa. Double ouch.

So, who do YOU think showed the most pranking skills? Sound off in the comments section and let us know!