‘punk’d’: what would you have done in drake’s shaky situation?

We knew it was gonna be “Punk’d” gold (dare we say giving Justin Timberlake’s tears a run for their money?) when Ashton Kutcher set out to make Canadian hip-hop superstar Drake shart his high-end jeans during last weekend’s pre-MTV Movie Awards 2012 special.

In some faraway Hollywood galaxy, Ashton actually had Drake convinced he had a private meeting with Vice President Joe Biden. Kutcher echoed our thoughts exactly, “Drake, you’re from Canada, right? Why the f**k would the Vice President wanna meet with you?” HYFR, Drake. Doubtful JB wanted to grill you about feelin’ up Rihanna. Ashton’s just that good.

Upon rolling up with the “Secret Service” in the parking garage for his fake political meeting, the rapper’s usually cool demeanor was instantly shaken up with an extremely contrived (but seemingly real) earthquake. The bleeps and car horns blocked out Drake’s curses and yelps, but we assure you, they were there. The Secret Service agents requested that the artist remain in his SUV while they went to check on their bossman. When everyone and their mom and a very-soon-to-be-mom-in-labor hopped into the vehicle and began effing with the equipment (um, taser?), Drake visibly lost it. And because Ashton’s heart is make of more than trucker hats and evil pranks, he finally did reveal the cameras to a disappointed Drake, who was dead set on meeting the Vice Prez. Sorry, Drake! And sorry, Drake’s mom!

Ashton then asked us, “What would you do in that situation?

Hey, we’re just the messengers. It’s the “Punk’d” God’s orders–how would you have handled the impromptu earthquake? Sound off in the comments section!