‘punk’d’: what would you have done in cody simpson’s shoes?

Behind pop star Cody Simpson’s innocent, nice-guy front is a boxing kangaroo ready to throw down if anyone touches his stuff. (Hey, we don’t blame him–hands off ourPauly D doll!)

During last week’s episode of “Punk’d,” the Aussie export got visibly heated when he caught his friendly “driver” trying to steal his family’s Christmas tree, his surfboard, guitars, golf clubs…and that bomb hat, which seemed to be The Code Man’s biggest concern. The purty boy started out politely (“Can I please have my hat back?“), attempting to reckon with the homie-turned-robber, but his ‘tude quickly went south (yes, to the point of cursing, ZOMG) when his new Driving Mister Simpson buddy began to smash his fancy instruments all over the concrete.

Cody confessed later that he was thisclose to socking the guy. We would like to confess that seeing the sweet teen put up his dukes would have been kind of awesome.

If you discovered that your brand-new buddy was robbing you, how would you react? Sound off in the comments section!